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It is called opposites attract, it is also known as the, ‘“Magnetic Attraction” Ross (2020). It feels so right when relationship begins. The sparks, chemistry attraction and the endless complements! Until the Narcissistic has had enough and then it happens they snap. Calling you horrible names, threatening you and turning comments you have said against you. Then the empath begins reading about it; although the answers are there we seek for more knowledge. Because it seems like him…but maybe not? In hopes that the first outburst is one in a lifetime. Everything goes back to normal, so the empath believes. Then it happens again another blow-up, this one is worst. That person is experiencing a cathartic experience in responding as you were or has been his last relationship that hurt him and you’re going to pay for it. You guys don’t communicate for a while then, the narcissistic person contacts the empath with an emergency…for you not to argue call him on his last outburst. You help the person and the narcissistic one (maybe…just maybe) apologizes for the last outburst. This time the narcissistic individual says how much they love you, how they hurt, becomes the victim and you go along with because you don’t want to break this bondage or the moment. The traumatic episodes will continue until you decide to jump off that destructive cycle. Nothing will work, other than that, leaving them. To remember all what did to you. Eventually, they will turn the tables over blame you for walking away from the relationship. The solution be happy you had the strength to leave. Empath’s need to pick up the pieces consider it a loss and move on. The end

Lex Fridman #100 podcast, a Son and Father interview. Now in days, it is amazing art that is being extinct.


As I have began my journey in blogging; I have been reading about the successful bloggers and the increase in their income. What I have noticed is that they run queries of what people are searching for? Hence, conforming to what people are searching for…it is in my nature to go the opposite of the crowd.

No, I don’t believe I have ODD (oppositional defiant disorder) 😁. What I post, it is from the bottom of my heart. It has great meaning and depth in nature to me; a meaningful reason to repost, for others to enjoy. I repost in hopes for others to enjoy what I have enjoyed in the process of listening to it.

It is 3:38:33 hour long interview. It is an amazing one. I can honestly say I admire both, to be able to talk for an audience and express emotions. I loved it!